How it Works


What we accept:

  • For children:
    • clothing: sizes newborn-17 years
    • toys
    • shoes
    • books
  • For women and men:
    • designer label clothing
    • designer bags
    • designer shoes

Prior to submitting items:

  • Drop off during normal opening hours.
  • If you want to go through the items together, please contact us and book a time!
  • If you are unsure if your items can be sold, bring them with you to the shop and we decide.
  • Clothing must be newly washed and in good condition with clear, bright colors, and without stains, holes, pilling or animal hair. 
    • ** For all customers who have pets at home, roll all items with a lint roller inside and out to remove all hair and fur before washing them. Inspect clothing after washing to make sure any hair or fur is gone before submitting! We have several customers with allergies, so this is extremely important! **
    • Thoroughly wash/clean any items you would like to submit and make sure that they are fresh and clean before submitting them.
    • Rewash stored clothing.
  • Shoes must be clean, fresh and in good condition before submitting.
  • Accessories, gadgets, toys and games must be clean, complete (all pieces must be included) and in working condition! Test your items at home before you bring them in.
  • For large or bulky items, contact us first to make sure we can take them.

submission information:

  • Accepted items will be displayed for a period of 3 months unless otherwise agreed.
  • Consignment rates are the following:
    • For children's items: 30% of the selling price; 50% of the selling price for items sold for 300kr or more.
    • For Women's and Men's items: 40% of the selling price; 60% of the selling price for items sold for 300kr or more.
  • Commissions can be withdrawn at the shop after 3 months display period has concluded.
  • You may decide whether you will collect your items or if you would like them donated when the 3 month display period has concluded. **Items that are not collected within one week from the end of 3 month display period will be donated.


  • We accept Credit cards, debit cards, cash or Swish payments. Our Swish number is 123 407 58 26, Tfk Consulting AB.
  • Items may be returned provided in sellable condition within 1 day of purchase. Sale items are final sale only!