Hey everyone! 

Tomorrow at 19.00 it's Youth night here at Twice for Kids! We are ready for you guys! We have food, fun and prizes and tons of cool clothes! Text me to see if there are any spots left!

Check out our contest below! ⇓⇓ **Hey to all youth and tweenies that are coming on Friday! If you can guess how many designer label clothing pieces I have collected for this event you will get a present from me. I will announce the winner Friday! Do NOT answer here on Instagram. Text me at 073 672 6126 with your answers.


Hey Everyone!

We are going to have Youth night here at Twice for Kids on the 20th of March at 19.00! It's going to be hot! Everyone from 10-20 years is invited, but only the first 20 who respond get to come! You don't want to miss this!

READ THE ATTACHED FLYER FOR MORE INFO!!!! And as always, welcome to Twice for Kids!! 


Hey Everyone! Our Spring- and summer clothing collection is finally here! Come in and check out all of the gorgeous, fresh pieces we have! Hope to see you soon!




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